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What is Sexologist?

What is a Sexologist?

Sexology is the scientific study of Sexuality. A Sexologist is someone who has studied all areas of sex including anatomy, physiology, sexual development, sexual orientation, the dynamics of Sexual Relationships, as well as the mechanics of sexual contact/acts. A Sexologist looks to other disciplines to understand human sexuality such as history, sociology, psychology, biology, gender studies, and more, in order to see how sex works in the context of social, cultural and religious environments.

A Clinical Sexologist focuses on treating sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and variations, sexual issues such as:

  • Pre-orgasmia: difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Painful or Inhibited Intercourse: including vaginismus
  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Rapid Ejaculation
  • Delayed or Inhibited Ejaculation
  • Emotional withdrawal or pushing away a partner
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Dealing with pointless disputes and patterns
  • Struggles with power
  • Disagreements over values and priorities
  • Outside stress seeping into the relationship
  • Crisis such as infidelity
  • Exploring relationship options

A Clinical Sexologist will use psychological counseling methods such as cognitive behavioral techniques to identify dysfunctional myths and beliefs surrounding sexuality, sex education and couple’s counseling to empower clients to experience sexuality in a different way.A way that allows more confidence and understanding of their own sexuality and freeing them from sexual misinformation and increase intimacy with a couple