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Sickness in females due to white discharge from their body is a symptoms of leucoria. The main indications of Leucoria are females are getting pain due to white discharge & blood discharge like burning sensation in hands & legs, heaviness in Uterus, Pain in abdomen & stomach during menstruation,less bleeding or much bleeding in mensuration period and mensuration not as per cycle. Ladies understand that the white discharge stops after sometimes means the Leucoria is cured. But the Leucoria cant’s get cured without proper treatment. It may create other diseases in future like Arthritis, Gout, joints pain etc. For such diseases there are long and costly treatments. In eastern countries women who are suffering from Leucoria removes their uterus and understand that the Leucoria is cured and now they are safe. But the results are adverse. These operated women are getting diseases like gout, paralysis and joint pain.


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