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Al-Aziz Herbal Clinic is very famous Herbal Medicine based clinic since 1980, where many diseases are treated with natural remedies and herbs. These medicines are made with research of more than 35 years. We are serving people of Pakistan and people all around the world for more than last 35 years. We can claim the results of our herbal medicine. It is our duty to treat our patients with passion, full devotion and care...[Continue Reading]

What is a Sexologist?

Sexology is the scientific study of Sexuality. A Sexologist is someone who has studied all areas of sex including anatomy, physiology, sexual development, sexual orientation, the dynamics of Sexual Relationships, as well as the mechanics of sexual contact/acts. A Sexologist looks to other disciplines to understand human sexuality such as history, sociology, psychology, biology, gender studies, and more, in order to see how sex works...[Continue Reading]

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ذیادہ عمر کی شادی

زیادہ عُمر کی شادی کے نقصانات ایسی لڑکیاں جن کی مناسب عمر میں شادی نہیں ہوتی وہ کم عُمر کی…

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کم عمر کی شادی

کم عُمر کی شادی کے نقصانات علمِ صحت کے اصول کے مطابق جاندار اور پودے اپنے جوبن پر پہنچ کر…

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مناسب عمر کی شادی

مناسب عُمر کی شادی کے فوائد ایسی لڑکیاں جن کی شادی مناسب عمر (18 سے 25 سال کے درمیان یا…

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